Ginger in an orange racerback, high leg Asics swimsuit
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Tequila Sunrise I


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May 28, 2016
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Ginger is a stunner and in this set you will fall in love. Her gorgeous body clad in lycra is a match made in Swimsuit Heaven. The warm sun shining through her hair lights her up making her stand out from her lush surroundings. This young girl is eager to please so be sure to spend lots of time with her here.


Tequila Sunrise Tequila Sunrise I

Comment by Doug924
Great work/job by the stunning, gorgeous and perky Ginger. Without fail, this set has definitely made me fall in love with Ginger and her swimsuit covered body. Love how the sun shines on Ginger and lights her up. The sexy orange Asics 1 piece swimsuit contrasts perfectly with her luscious red lips and beautiful long hair. Thank you so much Ginger for being eager to please and pleasing yours truly ;)
2016-05-28 04:19:10 by Doug924