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Teddy Loving


Date added
Oct 1, 2016
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9 out of 10 based on 12 user ratings

In this seriously hot video, Alexis gives 1 very lucky teddy a face-ride he will never forget! I bet you have never wished you were a teddy as much before in your life.


Comment by Doug924
Alexis never ceases or fails to impress and/or amaze me/us ;) This is a seriously HOT video and for the first and only time in my life, I find myself jealous of this extremely lucky teddy bear! Thank you so much Alexis for putting on yet another amazing and awesome show for me/all of us :)
2016-10-03 03:20:20 by Doug924
Comment by opssxy86
One lucky teddy bear indeed!
2016-10-03 03:25:53 by opssxy86

Comment by salad999
2016-10-04 00:02:23 by salad999
Comment by salad999
You could of used my Hiver Bumblebee Teddy!!! Lucky teddy, I hope he knows how many people would dream to be in his place!!!
2016-10-04 10:09:42 by salad999

Comment by salad999
Lucky teddy :-( every man's dream come true!!! Alexis, your such a tease! Love it...
2016-11-19 07:41:39 by salad999