Sylvia in a baby pink low neck, low back, high leg Brigitewear swimsuit
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Sep 5, 2016
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Sylvia is so angelic and sweet. Her young body and face are one you will not be able to say no to. She will suck you right in to this set that she stars in. Her pink Brigite Wear 1 piece swimsuit fits her perfectly. Her curves look amazing in the shiny lycra. The light bounces off it showing you just how perfect she is when in this swimsuit. I love how she pulls the straps down showing you a great side boob view and almost nipple slip.


Comment by rumpless
This is a great set that shows you just enough to keep you wanting more - be it the one flash of side boob or the stretch of the material across her lips. One minor complaint; why the shoes? I prefer realism to glamour.
2016-10-17 14:58:34 by rumpless