Miss SSS in a purple high leg, racerback Asics swimsuit
Video title
Sunday Morning


Date added
Feb 20, 2011
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9.67 out of 10 based on 9 user ratings

Imagine waking up on Sunday morning next to the beautiful and sexy Miss SSS? This video feels like a dream as she blows kisses to the camera and rolls around the bed  in her shiny Purple Asics OPS. Seductively touching herself for you and beckoning you under the covers. I dare you not to fall in love with this short film AND Miss SSS


Sunday Morning Sunday Morning 2

Comment by sotarK
Hotter than hot. This pure gold.

2011-02-20 23:34:40 by sotarK
Comment by SSS_Fan
This is the best video I\'ve ever seen. Miss SSS you truly are the most beautiful woman in the world! Thanks to SH for bringing the class back. Well done to all involved. I will be watching this video (sorry, film) for a VERY long time to come.
2011-02-21 00:21:26 by SSS_Fan

Comment by DrummerTKR
Definitely one of the best videos so far. Love the style and mood!
2011-02-21 12:03:01 by DrummerTKR
Comment by alpha23
One of my favorites. Reminds me of watching my girlfriend many many moons ago putting on her swimsuit down at the lake. She was surprised that something like her swimsuit would cause such arousal which kind of iginited a fire in her also...
2011-11-25 19:47:22 by alpha23

Comment by swimsuit-miss
I can't stop watching this short film. It's just so lush and dreamy.
2014-07-26 23:46:55 by swimsuit-miss