Rochelle in a red and white racerback, high leg Asics swimsuit
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Summer Loving


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May 12, 2016
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Who doesn't want to join a beautiful model laying in the warm water on a Sydney beach? Rochelle is pure heaven in her Asics while getting wet in the crisp ocean water.


Comment by Doug924
Asics 1 piece swimsuits are by far my favorite! Rochelle is, without a shadow of a doubt, pure heaven indeed. The temptation to join such a beautiful, sexy and gorgeous model like Rochelle in the warm water on a Sydney beach is unbearable and undeniable. It's always such a pleasant and sweet treat whenever we/I have the pleasure of enjoying the lovely Rochelle and one of my favorite Asics swimsuits :) Thanks Rochelle for the viewing pleasure!
2016-05-12 01:39:46 by Doug924
Comment by ahmadalex
no wet transparent for rochelle she is so sexy
2016-05-24 20:59:00 by ahmadalex