Franny in a black and gold high leg, racerback JKUSS swimsuit
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Stairway to Heaven


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Mar 9, 2011
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Care to come upstairs with Franny?  Careful.  She might leave you breathless on the way up.


Comment by sotarK
Most definitely my favorite photo-set of Franny so far.
2011-03-10 20:24:13 by sotarK
Comment by maximina
Want Video Footage Of This..... amazing......
2011-03-12 00:15:04 by maximina

Comment by sotarK
Yes. I 2nd what maximina said above. SO HOT!
2011-03-12 17:10:46 by sotarK
Comment by sotarK
Time for another comment. Franny, this is without a doubt my favorite swimsuit on you. You look PERFECT in it. That\'s all I have to say at this time. You look PERFECT in that suit. My absolute favorite photo is no# 19. What a gem of a gal you are.
2011-09-15 21:20:13 by sotarK