Jenny Europe in a blue and black racerback Speedo swimsuit
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Sporty Speedo


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Sep 29, 2016
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I love a good sport outfit with a racing Speedo one piece swimsuit! Jenny looks fabulous with her knee high socks and booty shorts over the top of the swimsuit! The shine off the lycra shorts is to die for not to mention her hot body! Watch as she slowly strips out of her shorts exposing her hips until they finally come off. This set is pure Swimsuit Heaven!


Comment by Doug924
What a fabulous and fantastic look but, to Jenny's credit, any look on her looks that way ;) Absolutely love the knee high socks and booty shorts over the blue Speedo swimsuit! Jenny has a super hot body and I couldn't agree more about this set being pure Swimsuit Heaven! Like all of her previous sets, Jenny nails it yet again and does not disappoint :)
2016-09-29 00:25:25 by Doug924