Tash in an electric blue zipper back Speedo swimsuit
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Speedo Bath


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Aug 11, 2010
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Teasing Tash in the bath in a soaking wet Speedo Zip-Back swimsuit. The lining in this suit has been removed so you can see every detail of tash underneath it.


Comment by LgrmXdh
Hello Tash, I think youre by far the most gorgeous young woman on this site. Thank you for sharing such lovely photos of your beauty with us all.

2011-06-02 15:54:34 by LgrmXdh
Comment by Nikoma1
Wow is she sexy in one of the hottest swimsuit ever!!! Hey admins, any chance we\'ll get to see some skin too, like \"accidentally\" popping out?
2011-10-29 08:30:58 by Nikoma1