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Shower Time III


Date added
Sep 1, 2015
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9.48 out of 10 based on 27 user ratings

Alexis and her petite little friend get al wet and sexy under the shower together. Lots of kissing and butt rubs in this super sexy video.


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Comment by Chrissy
Please get the petite friend back for more shoots (video or photo). She is gorgeous
2015-09-01 12:00:47 by Chrissy
Comment by salad999
Who is that with you Alexis, she is stunning.
2015-09-01 21:23:25 by salad999

Comment by salad999
This video should come with a health warning ⚠"WATCHING THIS VIDEO WILL LEAD TO EXTREME AROUSAL"
2015-09-01 21:45:06 by salad999
Comment by alan1985
Another unbelievable vid from the SH team... More of Alexis's friend plz!
2015-09-03 04:39:42 by alan1985