Valentina in a green racerback Tyr swimsuit
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Seductive Sundays on the Lounge


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Aug 12, 2016
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7.33 out of 10 based on 15 user ratings

It's time to curl up with Valentina on the lounge! Caress her body that is covered in lycra. Feel the curves of her body and the swimsuit seams that outline it. This is a playful set with truly sexy contrasting colours that are sure to please your eye! She looks amazing int he more traditional suit. I particularly like the checkered pattern and colour. What will turn you on the most about this set?


Comment by Doug924
Read my mind perfectly! The first thing I notice and love is how great the contrasting colors of the sexy TYR swimsuit and Valentina's beautiful eyes. They are both pleasures to my eyes but Valentina even more so. She absolutely and positively looks amazing no doubt. What's not to love about the checkered pattern on color. It's safe to say that it woild be impossible to be turned on by the set without the super seductive, lovely, gorgeous and beautiful Valentina being the main attraction :) Thanks Valentina on a superb job well done! Two huge thumbs up from yours truly!
2016-08-12 01:14:24 by Doug924
Comment by LegalGangsta
Excellent set and great work of art.
2016-08-12 18:33:31 by LegalGangsta