The Land of Swimsuit Heaven What is your idea of Swimsuit Heaven? Firstly, there is location: Bora Bora? Maldives? Seychelles? Whitsunday Islands? Mauritius? The possibilities go on and on! With so many choices available and the fact many of us are living in metropolitan environments, we hope the opportunity to completely transcend our norm and experience such tranquillity while wearing our swimwear, is a special paradise we hold on to. Close your eyes and think about where you want to travel to. What does your swimsuit heaven look like? If you are like me, you will be seeing spanning white beaches with crystal clear, sapphire water lapping the shoreline. There will be an abundance of marine life perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. I will be in one of my favourite one pieces, laying in the sun while a refreshing breeze caresses my skin. No doubt a cocktail or two will be enjoyed as well. Maybe your swimsuit heaven is hiking trails through tropical forests to find pristine waterfalls that cascade from the mountain tops, soaking through your bathing suit and refreshing you from the walk. Perhaps your swimsuit heaven is a boat trip, spotting dolphins and whales along the coastline of your holiday destination. No matter what your preference, who wouldn’t want to be in the company of swimwear models wearing beautiful swimming costumes. My preference, as you might know is a tight once piece which highlights my curves and bust. I absolutely love the feel of a one piece on my body. All I can think of is laying on the beach in the sun, relaxing and once it gets a little hot, jumping in the water to cool off before doing it all over again. No matter what, swimsuit heaven will be whatever you make it. Join Our Models in Swimsuit Heaven Secondly, there couldn’t be a swimsuit heaven without gorgeous swimsuit models! What do these models look like in your swimsuit heaven and what would you like to do with them? Are they blonde, brunette or do they have red hair? Are they tall, thin or voluptuous? What colour are their eyes? There are so many beautiful swimwear models with so many different body types and shapes which is just swimsuit heaven in itself! And what are they wearing or perhaps not wearing?! Bikinis, bodysuits, catsuits, wetsuits, one pieces? There are so many variants in swimwear these days and so many different materials. Everything from latex to PVC, to cotton, to mesh, the choices are endless, that’s perfection right there! Not to mention the sheer number of gorgeous women wearing swimming costumes. These girls are confident, dominant and have a huge following. They are beautiful, desirable, attractive, hot and some of the most successful women in the world. In swimsuit heaven you are completely surrounded by these girls because you simply can be! You will be immersed in the beauty of some of the world’s most idyllic surroundings which can only be complemented by the most beautiful women on the planet wearing the sexiest swimwear available………. now that’s what I imagine your swimsuit heaven to be!!



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