Franny in a hot pink extreme back, high leg Tyr swimsuit
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Pretty in Pink 1


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Feb 12, 2011
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Please welcome the very cute and VERY sexy Franny to Swimsuit Heaven. Hope to see a lot more work from her in the coming months.


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Comment by sotarK
Cuteness personified. Franny, you are sweet.

Can\'t wait for a video-shoot of her.

2011-02-13 18:36:09 by sotarK
Comment by Anon
Franny looks fantastic! I\'d love to see this style of swimsuit used in some of your videos.
2011-02-14 01:04:23 by Anon

Comment by redshift
Please get her to wear something shiny next time.
2011-02-20 10:11:37 by redshift
Comment by ice447
Wow! Pink swimsuit really stands out on her, love the poses, hair looks very nice too, would love to see a video of this.
2011-04-17 01:39:45 by ice447