Alexis in an electric blue, black, hot pink and orange high leg, racerback KayVis swimsuit
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Pour Some Sugar


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Mar 14, 2011
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This set is HOT HOT HOT!! SSS and Alexis soaping each other up and making out in the big bathtub. Stay tuned for the video of this one.


Comment by Alexis\' Husband
This is hands down the hottest, sexiest set on the site (and maybe on the Internet). I cannot wait to see the video!!
2011-03-15 14:46:49 by Alexis\' Husband
Comment by sotarK
I cannot wait to see the video. Also, the girls suits really compliment eachother.
2011-03-17 08:08:43 by sotarK

Comment by Ruley10
Absolutely hands down the hottest set on SH, without question.

The video is going to be smoking!
2011-03-17 17:39:47 by Ruley10
Comment by JCD
hands down LOL
2011-06-20 13:04:45 by JCD

Comment by mopsmop
The best of the best
2014-12-28 07:13:50 by mopsmop