Valentina in a white and hot pink racerback, high leg Asics swimsuit
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Pink Asics in the Pool


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Dec 26, 2015
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Valentina is dripping wet for you. She slowly lowers her body into the pool, steam coming off the water on this cool day. Her Asics is so tight on her, firmly grasping her breasts and bum. She loves to be submerged in the warm water showing you what she looks like under water. She loves to get in and out of the water and watch as the water runs off her body. Valentina will leave you wanting more! So more you shall get ;)


Comment by Doug924
I've always been a sucker for a woman with dark hair and blue or green eyes but when that same woman is absolutely and positively rocking an ultra sexy and beautiful Asics 1 piece swimsuit that always takes the cake! Valentina has definitely left me wanting and craving more! Love the way the swimsuit grasps and shows off her gorgeous breasts and bum :) Great job Valentina, love it, love all of it!
2015-12-26 04:54:50 by Doug924
Comment by 105arrow
Wow! This set has it all! Incredibly gorgeous woman in a super sexy swimsuit, showing her assets in the proper element for her ensemble... more more more! More pools! More wet lycra! More wet hair!!!
2015-12-27 16:58:13 by 105arrow

Comment by Legalgangsta
You are superwoman in pink, all you need is a cape and a costume.
2016-06-26 04:26:00 by Legalgangsta