Helena in a yellow, white, orange, hot pink, blue, baby pink and baby blue racerback KayVis swimsuit
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Multi Colour Love


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May 24, 2016
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Our European beauty is back to show you more! Her KayVis 1 piece swimsuit looks immaculate on her and sits on her body perfectly. The way the suit rides up her outlining her most intimate areas is enough to seduce anyone. She wants you to look at her and wants you to know that modelling one piece swimsuits is a massive turn on for her. Join her in ecstasy now!


Comment by Doug924
What's not to love about the European beauty Helena, the beautiful multi-colored KayVis 1 piece swimsuit and the way it rides up her (swimsuit wedgie) showing off her intimate areas. The swimsuit fits her perfectly and she has easily seduced me. I can clearly see how much of a turn on it is for Helena to model one piece swimsuits and I have definitely joined her in ecstasy and will many times over each and every time she models for me/us :)
2016-05-24 03:35:20 by Doug924
Comment by Legalgangsta
I dare you to put some clothes over that suit. But other than that great set! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
2016-06-24 14:59:45 by Legalgangsta