Morgan in a maroon fastskin Speedo swimsuit
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Morgan in Maroon


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Feb 7, 2013
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 Check out Morgan in the maroon Speeso Faskskin


Comment by racerback
Excellent. Although Morgan is an excellent model, she really does look fantastic in this set, and - which is nice - a little braver than in some of her later shoots. Excellent .. and a real pity that Speedo stopped making the aquablade.
2015-12-29 18:46:04 by racerback
Comment by Doug924
So well said racerback ;) I second the fact Morgan is an excellent model and really does look fantastic in this set! I couldn't agree more about it being a shame Speedo doesn't make Aquablade swimsuits anymore. Morgan and this/her photo set are truly excellent and superb!
2016-01-02 05:01:41 by Doug924