Two lovely ladies in maroon, gold, black and orange high leg, racerback Asics and JKUSS swimsuits
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Miss SSS & Alexis


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Apr 20, 2011
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Miss SSS and Alexis rolling around on a big bed, grabbing at each other and sucking on each others fingers. Wanna come join them?


Comment by desire
WOW! Yes I wanna join them! I realy like the swimsuit touching & teasing thing. More of this please!!! Can\'t wait for the video....
2011-04-13 00:52:59 by desire
Comment by detailspl
I like the direction this website is What would be even nicer is to see them making out on a lounge chair pool side. my imagination is kicking in. I better not say
2011-04-15 16:32:37 by detailspl