Mel in a blue high leg, racerback Asics swimsuit
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Mel Jean Balcony


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Aug 24, 2011
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What comes between Mel and her Calvin Klein's?  A one-piece swimsuit, of course!  Watch Mel strip down to her ridiculously tight swimsuit on her balcony in this glorious pictorial.


Comment by *LrHBZc
2011-08-24 02:24:58 by *LrHBZc
Comment by charles
Mel makes me smile every time :-)
2011-08-24 22:04:12 by charles

Comment by SwimG
Excellent combination: Demin swimsuit with demin jeans. Looks like a competition-swimsuit with legs. Great!!!
2011-08-26 11:13:53 by SwimG
Comment by JaxxRS
Uber hot! Girls should use swimsuits as tops like this all the time!
2011-08-31 13:58:53 by JaxxRS

Comment by adler85
Hands down, my absolute favorite set so far.
2011-09-09 23:15:37 by adler85
Comment by sotarK
First off, Melanie, let me congratulate you on a photo shoot that even the Gods of Olympus would bow down to. I think it\'s safe to say that Image no# 49 sums it all up for me personally. Your charisma, your curves, your shape, and your beautiful backside are simply irresistible. That tight little suit really brings your sleek body full of assets out to perfection. And what\'s more, I have no doubt in my mind that those are the luckiest pair of jeans on the face of this planet. CK jeans on Melanie for the win. I think if, no, I know that if I saw you walking down the street in that combination, that I would walk into a moving car. You are simply mind-blowingly hot.

10/10 - absolutely breathtaking set, Melanie. I love it!
2011-09-11 21:23:29 by sotarK

Comment by BulletM
2011-10-26 18:54:31 by BulletM
Comment by ibikini
OMG, steam is rising, I love the combination. I\'d give this a 12 out a 10!!!

Nice Iain, Melaine is hot stuff.

Can we also see my lingerie over the suits, this would be cool...& a nice strip to the swimsuit.....
2011-10-31 14:50:54 by ibikini

Comment by gandalf
Where\'s the video for this photoshoot??? I saw Mel move in this outfit in the 2012 preview video and that\'s what got me to signed up. Simply stunning. Please post that video ASAP!
2012-01-29 12:41:35 by gandalf
Comment by dallind
Where, now creativity is flowing! This is one of the best one-girl/one-suit shoots there is, without a doubt! If I saw this scene in person, I\'m not sure what I would do--but I know I\'d be glad I was there.
2012-02-17 21:24:34 by dallind