Mel in an electric blue racerback, high leg Asics swimsuit
Video title
Mel Blue Asics on Bed


Date added
Oct 8, 2010
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9.56 out of 10 based on 9 user ratings

This time in the Blue Asics. A bit more camera interaction in this one.


Comment by sotarK
Did I ever tell you how much I love you and love this video of yours, Melanie? There I said it. This shoot is a complete package for me personally. Superb OPS. Really cool music in the back ground, and of course a really gorgeous woman. I just love the way you writhe and squirm all over the bed in that slippery blue swimsuit. It really is mesmerizing to the onlooker. But I have a tiny request of you that would have made this video even sexier. Please show us all your beautiful smile. Love you, Mel. Keep up the fantastic work.
2011-09-12 19:36:46 by sotarK
Comment by dallind
The hardest part of this video is to STOP watching, because you know what\'s packed so tightly into that oh-so-small swimsuit? Mel\'s unimaginable sex appeal, and it\'s just plain awesome.
2012-02-17 21:07:12 by dallind