Mel in a black and green racerback Tornado swimsuit
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Mel Bike Sunset 2


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Aug 22, 2011
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 Vroom!  Care for another ride with Mel?  Let her take you down the road of one-piece swimsuit heaven bliss...


Mel Bike Sunset Mel Bike Sunset 2

Comment by chrism7
Motorcycle didn\'t do anything for me but Mel did, not a whole lot here but she makes up for it in the last 3 pictures, it would of been nice if she smiled a little more, simply yummy!
2011-08-29 20:08:11 by chrism7
Comment by sotarK
I spy with my little eyes two very sexy beasts. Guess which one is the sexiest of the two? The motorcycle loses badly to Melanie\'s presence of course. Oh, and never mind the beast reference, Mel. I tell you what though. That is a beast of a photo set you have here. I love the setting with sunset and bike. But the star of this attraction is wearing an intriguing OPS. Tornado? Very sleek, and sexy. I like it alot. I could just imagine you wearing that OPS while being a pillion passenger. I don\'t think I can imagine the sheer quantity of vehicle accidents caused as a direct result of people staring at you in that hot suit.

One of my favorite newer sets from you. Keep up the tremendous work, Melanie
2011-09-11 21:31:57 by sotarK