Two lovely ladies in black and grey high leg, racerback swimsuits
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Marissa & Mel Whip


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Sep 12, 2011
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It's playtime for Marissa and Mel.  How can you resist watching these lovely girls dominate each other in their teasingly tight one-piece swimsuits?  Are you whipped?


Marissa & Mel Whip Marissa & Mel Whip 2

Comment by sotarK
FIRST?! Sorry, had to do that. I was wondering when this set would be posted. Once again we have my two favorite SH models. You two making sets like this should be banned. You\'re both just way too HOT for your own goods. Outstanding set, Marissa and Melanie. God, I love both your suits. 10/10 from me yet again. Does the sexiness ever stop? I hope not.
2011-09-12 00:21:27 by sotarK
Comment by sotarK
Favorite photo is no# 66. Marissa grabbing a handful of Mel\'s ass, with a \"keep back, she\'s all mine\" look on her face. Hahaha. Love it!
2011-09-12 00:23:56 by sotarK

Comment by dallind
Watching Mel\'s nervous facial expressions as Marissa teases and directs her is super hot! The conclusion, with Mel holding Marrisa\'s legs while Marissa controls her by holding a handful of her hair--unbelievable, worth subscribing right there. These girls have got something going on at the next level here, and it\'s a long set to boot!
2012-02-17 21:02:07 by dallind