Two lovely ladies in green and yellow high leg, racerback, fastskin Nike and Speedo swimsuits
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Marissa & Mel


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Aug 31, 2011
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 What?  You would like to see Marissa and Melanie together, you say?  You would like to see them all over each other, you say?  You want it now, you say?  We are more than pleased to oblige.  What are you waiting for?  Download now!


Comment by 7mrMwDt
Wow! Yes!
2011-08-31 08:21:18 by 7mrMwDt
Comment by sarubca
Speachless!!!! Breathless!!!
2011-08-31 23:56:16 by sarubca

Comment by sotarK
I\'ll begin by saying that one word, and that one word alone describes the scenario when both Marissa, and Melanie team up for a photo shoot. And that word is DYNAMITE! Talk about an utterly explosive set of images. My two favorite SH girls are all set to go in super sexy vibrant green OP suits. You two should receive some kind of award for being hotter than hot when together. All things are green for go my end. Now this would have been an amazing shoot. I really wish there was a video of this. But hey, I\'m not complaining. You girls always deliver the goods. And I compliment you both on a superb image set.

10/10 from me
2011-09-11 21:07:17 by sotarK
Comment by dallind
From kissing, to \"holding\" each other, to Marissa hanging out between Mel\'s legs, this set is is just plain awesome. If this is any indication of how future sets will continue to look (or even surpass), then there is way that there is anything hotter than the girls on this site. They\'re smokin\'!
2012-02-17 20:53:57 by dallind

Comment by Sudoku
This set starts off with a kiss and then just gets hotter and hotter. More of this please, and LOTS of it :P
2014-09-13 04:14:50 by Sudoku