Alexis in a blue low neck, low back, high leg Speedo swimsuit
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Lifeguard Alexis


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Aug 22, 2015
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Who needs rescuing? Alexis is ready in her royal blue, 1 piece swimsuit to save the day! She channels Pamela Anderson in this set, embracing the high cut legs and plunging neck and back line of the suit. Watch as Alexis seduces you with her green eyes and curvaceous hips and booty. Jump in to bed with her on the crisp white sheets and you will never want to leave!


Comment by salad999
HOLY S##T... Alexis yet again another jaw dropping set... So worth the wait. Wow. Speechless. You've stunned your biggest UK fan into silence.
2015-08-22 00:13:16 by salad999
Comment by salad999
LIFEGUARD HELP MY HEART HAS STOPPED from sheer OMG.... Alexis & SH Team, I tip my hat, awesome set. This has left the biggest Alexis (UK) fan stunned. BRAVO APPLAUSE
2015-08-22 08:10:14 by salad999