Flex in a purple and white high leg, high neck, long sleeve, zipper back Realise swimsuit
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Lets Get Flexi


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Apr 22, 2016
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Flex is bending on to your screens once again! Her ultra fit body can be put into a number of unbelievable positions. She wants to show you them all while wearing her Realise swimsuit. She loves the way the long sleeves and high cut leg reminds her of when she is competing as a gymnast. What positions do you want to see? Let her know!! She has plenty of surprises ready for you.


Comment by opssxy86
I love that flexible curvy body she has! :-) What positions do I want to see? Maybe photograph her doing a cartwheel or handstand ;-)
2016-04-22 01:26:26 by opssxy86
Comment by Doug924
What a super sexy and amazing fit body Flex has. Absolutely love her smile and the way she bends into so many awesome positions. The long sleeved Realise swimsuit compliments her fit body perfectly and is an ideal choice especially for a gymnast. Would love to see Flex bend in any positions that shows off her FLEXibility ;) I am sure Flex has no problem pulling off the splits or back bends/bridges! Fantastic set and love each and every photo of the beautiful and sexy Flex!
2016-04-22 03:34:42 by Doug924