Alexis in a black low neck, low back, leotard, high leg American Apparel swimsuit
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Leopard Print Alexis


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Feb 20, 2016
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Alexis in Leopard print is a perfect match. The halter neck leotard shows off her back as she almost takes the 1 piece swimsuit off. The suit sits between her bum cheeks as she gets into doggy position showing you her lightly covered pussy. Alexis pulls down the suit giving you a glimpse of her breasts and making you wish you could see the rest of her. She loves to tease you to breaking point showing you just enough.


Comment by XYZpdq85
Awesome Galley lovely lady in an excellent suit.
2016-02-20 12:25:23 by XYZpdq85
Comment by ganite
2016-03-24 04:59:05 by ganite