Katya in a white, purple, green and black racerback Tornado swimsuit
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Katya Fitness


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Aug 13, 2011
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Get hot and sweaty with Katya as she works out.  It's so hot, she has to strip down to her tight one-piece swimsuit.  Oh darn.


Comment by yZmrKF7
Very sexy. Let\'s get Marissa in the same outfit!
2011-08-14 06:12:07 by yZmrKF7
Comment by sotarK
I don\'t think that I have ever commented on any of your work, Katya. How rude of me. Well, that is about to change. First off, I love your name. I suspect that you know it also means Katherine in Russian. Something along those lines anyway. Lovely. I\'ll get to this set now, and straight to the point. Hot, tight, and sexy outfit. Tight leggings, and an even tighter fitting Tornado OPS over the top is amazing on you from where I\'m sitting. The tighter the better as far as I\'m concerned. Love this set. I would love to see you in tight-fitting purple Asics OPS.
2011-09-11 21:52:54 by sotarK