Marissa in a blue high leg, racerback Asics swimsuit
Video title
In Bed with Marissa


Date added
Mar 10, 2011
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9.5 out of 10 based on 12 user ratings

Is this a dream?


Comment by LJANES95
always marissa alone !!!!! ouah !!!!!
2011-03-12 07:38:13 by LJANES95
Comment by sotarK
2011-03-12 17:12:31 by sotarK

Comment by sotarK
I have to comment again on this video.

Marissa, this is your best yet, and that\'s really saying something.

You ARE absolutely stunning, girl! I am blown away.

Iain, may I please have your job?

2011-03-12 17:32:25 by sotarK
Comment by chrism7
This one started great and Marissa is hot.. Crotch shots make me melt and there was but 1 shot for 6 seconds, the rest were from behind.
2011-07-30 08:14:13 by chrism7