Rochelle in a hot pink, green and blue racerback Asics swimsuit
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Hot Winters Day


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Aug 22, 2016
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Rochelle is stunning in this set! Her perfect skin has a natural shine under the sun. The lycra, Asics 1 piece swimsuit also glistens. She splashes around in the cool water and wets the suit by letting the water drip off her finger tips. It beads down the front of her suit and drips off her pussy at the same time. She has a gorgeous smile and it shines as bright as the sun on this warm winters day!


Comment by Doug924
Who better to heat things up on winter's day than the stunning Rochelle! Absolutely love the way her perfect skin and the Asics 1 piece swimsuit (all of them are my personal favorites) glistens and shines under the sun and with the water. Rochelle truly does have a gorgeous smile and it, as well as herself, shines brightly in each and every one of her sets. Fantastic job Rochelle, thank you :) 10/10 and A+
2016-08-22 03:23:52 by Doug924