Franny in a purple and black high leg, racerback Tyr swimsuit
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Home from School


Date added
Aug 17, 2011
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9.09 out of 10 based on 11 user ratings

Franny has come home from school with a sexy purple one-piece under her teeny-tiny school skirt. Enjoy her little strip tease as she slowly reveals her tight OPS for your viewing pleasure.


Comment by DrummerTKR
OPS & Skirt= great combo! :)
2011-08-20 15:28:35 by DrummerTKR
Comment by 7mrMwDt
Awesome video and theme. Skirt over OPS is great. And Fanny suits the school girl role. But I would like a little more \'curves\'.
2011-08-26 07:50:14 by 7mrMwDt

Comment by sotarK1
Yes. Franny fits the school girl theme to perfection. You\'re the most innocent, yet sexiest school girl I\'ve ever seen, Franny. And this video displays those qualities to perfection. Getting home from school was never more of an urgent matter when one considers what\'s waiting by the poolside. You look so sweet, Franny, that you make the stickiest toffee apple look and taste like dirt. So sweet and cute.
2011-09-15 20:07:22 by sotarK1
Comment by ibikini
O wow. I love this video. More like this please Iain. I love the idea of the undies on as she comes through the gate. Now thats what I call attention to detail. I hope there\'s more little lingerie bits included.

Franny is great. Lets see her doing more costumes like that. I\'ll even send them in!!
2011-11-17 11:06:13 by ibikini