Chelsea B in a grey fastskin, high leg, high neck, zipper back Realise swimsuit
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Grey Goddess III


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Nov 4, 2015
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Chelsea B is fast becoming super popular with the Swimsuit Heaven family. With her gorgeous smile and petite body, what is not to love! She looks exquisite in her grey, realise, 1 piece swimsuit! It zips up the back and secures nicely around her neck. This suit gives her the snug fit she loves so much. What is your favourite part of the suit? We particularly love her thigh gap right at her pussy!


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Comment by Doug924
I can completely and totally understand why Chelsea B is fast becoming popular. She truly has a beautiful and gorgeous smile and body. There is so much to love about her! The Realise hydrasuit looks so snug and so amazing. Love every part and inch of the suit ;) Really love her entire body in the swimsuit!
2015-11-04 00:42:06 by Doug924
Comment by homerj675
I think Chelsea B is one of the prettiest girls. She has a very erotic "girl-next-door" look about her. My only request is that you show her with her legs spread.
2015-11-19 11:40:02 by homerj675

Comment by aleclustre
Beautiful girl but poses could be a bit more varied and adventurous! What a cutie though.
2016-06-21 17:12:06 by aleclustre