Erin in a green and hot pink high leg Asics swimsuit
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Green with Envy Pt 3


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Dec 23, 2014
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Blonde, beautiful and bootylicious! The three crowd pleasing things that make an amazing photo set! Let her get you into mischief with her cheeky smile and personality! She knows how to wear this one piece swimsuit and I can assure you will love every second!


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Comment by jitbag1
2015-03-14 06:22:33 by jitbag1
Comment by Doug924
Wish I would have thought of that last one (bootylicious)! Erin is by far and without a shadow of a doubt such an extremely beautiful blond but is SO bootylicious! Absolutely love her cheeky smile and personality. She definitely knows how to wear this one piece swimsuit and any other swimsuit for that matter. I can honestly and safely say I love every second of Erin and everything that comes with her :)
2016-03-27 19:12:44 by Doug924