Helena in a green and black low neck, high leg, extreme back Speedo swimsuit
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Get Wet With Me I


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Jun 29, 2016
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Helena is the perfect eye candy to see sitting by your pool. This European goddess is so delicious the way she moves climbing out of the pool. Her wet body drips and the cool water makes her nipples stiffen and show through the lycra. Watch her as she lies by the pool touching the wet swimsuit covering her slender body. She caresses her pussy and tits and moves around with enjoyment. Help her feel good by joining her on her lounge by the pool.


Get Wet With Me Get Wet With Me I

Comment by Doug924
Wow and whoa! What a fantastic set with the fabulous Helena! I absolutely love the contrast between the green 1 piece Speedo swimsuit and those beautiful and stunning eyes of Helena :) She is truly the perfect eye candy. She is the exact definition and example of European goddess. What a special treat to see Helena caress her entire body as it's covered by the lycra/wet swimsuit. I'm sure anyone, especially yours truly, would love to and give anything to join her by the pool or anywhere else for that matter ;)
2016-06-29 01:18:09 by Doug924