Franny in a white low neck swimsuit
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Franny White S2000


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Sep 2, 2011
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 Ready to go another lap with Franny?  Or is Franny too fast for you?  Find out in this racy pictorial, shot against the setting sun with a sleek convertible.


Comment by sotarK
There\'s a sleek convertible in this shoot? Where? Oh yeah. Sorry, but I was completely distracted by Franny\'s curves more so than the car. Franny, you look so cute. I love how you wear the lower cut suits. They have an appeal all their own. And you\'ll forgive me for saying so, but in some of these photos you look so much like Maggie Grace, that\'s it\'s uncanny. But hey. she\'s got nothing on you when it comes to OPS\'s. Please keep up the awesome work. I really think you\'re cute. And sexy of course :-)
2011-09-11 21:00:07 by sotarK