Franny in a silver low back, low neck American Apparel swimsuit
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Franny Silver S2000


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Jul 15, 2011
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Check out those lines.  Look at those curves.  She looks fast doesn't she?  The car isn't bad either.  Enjoy this pictorial of Franny in a slick metallic suit with a silver convertible against the city skyline.  Vrooom!


Comment by sotarK
Franny, you look awesome in silver. I love those metallic style silver and gold finish swimsuits. There\'s just something about them that\'s unique in the way they shine and fit the body. My favorite photo is no# 9. Most definitely. You look so sleek in that suit. Great work again.
2011-09-12 00:30:08 by sotarK
Comment by harry9
that sexy body, that shiny suit, and that smooth back...the things i would do to that model...oh, and the girl is nice too >D
2012-01-23 00:34:46 by harry9