Flex in a purple racerback Asics swimsuit
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Flex in Asics


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May 20, 2016
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8.5 out of 10 based on 14 user ratings

What way do you want Flex to bend? Because she can go any way! Wait till you see the poses she strikes for this set! Her legs spread as far as they go. Imagine the things you could do with her? What would be the first pose you ask her to do for you? How would you begin with her? Take a good look through this set as I know you will love it and there will be something for everyone!


Comment by Doug924
Whoa! Flex sure knows how to strike such perfect poses which show off her flexibility. There's SO much to love about her and her flexibility! Any way Flex bends is superb to me. Hands down I'd ask her to show off the flexibility in her legs and back. Flex looks super sexy in the Asics 1 piece swimsuit :) Great, amazing and awesome set in my honest opinion ;) Thanks and way to go Flex!
2016-05-20 01:23:07 by Doug924
Comment by opssxy86
Oh yes, she's looking good in the purple Asics :) Really enjoying her sets!
2016-05-20 01:24:02 by opssxy86

Comment by LegalGangsta
Since that suit is tight on your rear, I find that very sexy.
2016-08-05 21:54:06 by LegalGangsta