Alexis in a black and purple racerback, high leg Asics swimsuit
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Daybed Loving


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Dec 12, 2010
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Comment by sotarK
I am genuinely shocked that nobody has commented on this superb video yet. May I be the first? Miss SSS and Alexis. You two are now the official number 1# wonder of SH. It\'s like you two were made for eachother to star in videos like this. Infact, it\'s almost like you\'re both having sex with eachother. But you\'re not. Beautiful. 1:20-1:30 is one of the most awe-inspiring sights I have ever seen from you two. You two are stunning! The way you both rub yourselves all over eachother. Exploring eachother\'s bodies. And those OPS look great on you. The combination of girls and OPS is flawless. You are both magnificent. It must feel out of this world wearing suits like that and touching eachother in that manner.

Much respect, SSS, Alexis.
2011-10-26 19:49:36 by sotarK
Comment by sotarK
Follow-up comment. Index time frame 4:27-5:00 is mind blowingly hot!
2011-10-26 19:57:45 by sotarK