Kassie in a blue transparent, racerback, high leg Realise swimsuit
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Cum with Kassie


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May 16, 2016
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Kassie bends and twists till you are in a knot! Be seduced and teased till you pop! This Realise 1 piece swimsuit is ultra sheer and gives you a glimpse of what she has underneath. It is soft and shiny so you will love the suit on her as much as you will love watching her enjoy it! Join Kassie in bed and go to heaven caressing all of her curves and the lycra covering them.


Comment by Doug924
Love the ultra sheer Realise 1 piece swimsuit and Kassie even more! She definitely knows how to seduce and tease me ;) I can safely say I love the suit on her and definitely love watching her enjoy it! It's easy to imagine joining Kassie in bed and being in absolute heaven caressing her all over and feeling the softness of her curves and the lycra :)
2016-05-16 00:57:17 by Doug924