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Chair Lovers


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Jan 2, 2015
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Let's get 2015 started with a bang! With a new edge and a sexier look, Swimsuit-Heaven.net ushers in the new year with a super hot girl/girl video with Kristin and KittKatt looking oh so sexy as they ravish each other! Watch out for a new video as the first set for every month throughout 2015 and beyond :-)


Comment by abbaskip
If this is 2015, Happy New Year!!! WOW!!!! Kristin is already fast becoming my all time SH favourite, but this video is just taking things to a whole new level!!
2015-01-02 01:01:58 by abbaskip
Comment by mopsmop
Awesome. Its so sexy yeah. .yeah. plz more
2015-01-02 09:37:38 by mopsmop

Comment by cult008
2015-01-05 12:15:14 by cult008
Comment by speedotyr450
:-) marvellous girls !!!
2015-07-16 02:20:07 by speedotyr450