Alexis in a white and blue high leg, extreme back Realise swimsuit
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Catching the Sun


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Oct 7, 2016
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The sun streams into Alexis's bedroom. She is lying on the crisp white sheets as the morning sun streams in warming up the room. Alexis is wearing her blue, Realise one piece swimsuit and the contrast between it and the sheets is divine. Watch as she wriggles around on the bed waiting for you to join her. With plenty of close up shots you are going to love this set!


Comment by Doug924
WOW!!! Alexis truly knows how to be seductive and sexy and make me want to join her on that bed. I could not agree more with the contrast of the blue Realise swimsuit and the sheets being absolutely divine. There are some fantastic and perfect close up shots of Alexis which have made me fall head over heels in love with both this set and Alexis! 10/10, great job like always Alexis :) Thank you!!!!
2016-10-07 01:09:20 by Doug924
Comment by kareltb
Alexis always look good in a swimsuit!
2016-10-07 10:58:30 by kareltb