Two lovely ladies in electric blue high leg swimsuits
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Blue Combo


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Oct 3, 2011
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Do you feel blue?  Well, here is something to cheer you up.  Two, count them, two beautiful girls in blue one-piece swimsuits.  Now the question is:  Do you prefer Asics or Nike?


Comment by sotarK
Two very lovely ladies in blue. My gorgeous Marissa, and super Sexi Alexi. A real knockout combination on any given day, or night. A double whammy. Sorry, girls. But at the moment, I don\'t have much else to say about this set. Other than the fact that the both of you melt my mind and my heart with your presence. Especially you, Marissa. You remain at the absolute pinnacle of my swimsuit obsession on this great site. What is it about beautiful women in sexy OPS? This site is the answer to that question, and more. Thank you SH for continuing to make my dreams come true. I love SH. And I love all of you gorgeous bathing beauties.
2011-10-06 02:54:57 by sotarK