Stephanie A in a baby blue high leg Asics swimsuit
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Blue Baby II


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Jan 4, 2015
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9.32 out of 10 based on 31 user ratings

I don't know about you but we just can't get over the irresistible body Stephanie has! The way the one piece swimsuit rides up in all the right places and hugs her tight is pure perfection! She looks sensational in this Asics, so be sure to pop inside and see all she has to offer!


Comment by unidan
love this set, loads of different angles, excellent work
2015-01-04 05:16:15 by unidan
Comment by Jaeco
Very nice set, I especially like her face and figure, the swimsuit fits her very well! How about some rubberized Realize? Oh, and I very much agree with unidan :)
2015-01-05 14:00:52 by Jaeco

Comment by ibikini1
Wow, This is a fantastic set and hope we see Stephanie doing all this again in a leotard Realise.
2015-01-16 04:17:52 by ibikini1
Comment by swimHo4
Great! Very nice set with a lot of action. Best Set! I love it
2015-06-16 13:42:21 by swimHo4