Alexis in a yellow, white, red and electric blue racerback JKUSS swimsuit
Video title
Alexis Beach Beauty Video


Date added
Jul 20, 2012
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9.71 out of 10 based on 7 user ratings

Is it a beautiful mermaid?  No, it's Alexis showing off her glorious body on the beach in a tight one-piece swimsuit.  Somebody claim her!


Comment by peavey1
My sweet Alexis, my prefered.It is I who will reclaim. Thou always be surprised.You are super sexy. Wonderful video. I love you Alexis.
2012-07-21 12:21:11 by peavey1
Comment by swim
This is what the people want!
2012-07-23 02:41:07 by swim

Comment by Mfg4Ru2
Alexis, I always enjoy your videos. You look terrific!
2012-08-09 04:20:08 by Mfg4Ru2