Alexis in a black and electric blue high leg, racerback Asics swimsuit
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Alexis & Charli


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Sep 21, 2011
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Alexis has found a new friend to play with and her name is Charli.  Care to watch them spend the afternoon together frolicing all over each other?  We thought you would...


Comment by charles
Alexis is hot in everything she wears. Thank you for the amazing pictures :-)
2011-09-21 16:50:52 by charles
Comment by mod_man86
You two make a great pair. Welcome Charli!
2011-09-21 17:44:17 by mod_man86

Comment by gubber8
2011-09-22 03:29:39 by gubber8
Comment by sotarK
Ya know, it\'s funny in an awesome kind of way. Not more than a week or so ago, I was begging to see more of Charli. And BANG! Hey presto!. Here she is in an double shoot with none other than Sexy Alexi. I guess that someone may have seen my comments about Charli ^_^ Anyways, this is just what I needed to lighten up my dull evening. You two girls look absolutely stunning together. Bravo on an outstanding set. I especially love the black and dark grey combos. And speaking of combos, you two really pack a wallop with this lot. Here\'s to more Charli, and more hard hitting image sets like this in the future.

Now, is a Miss SSS, Alexis, and Charli a possible prospect in the future? Hope so.

2011-09-22 05:54:03 by sotarK